Viscose rug crunchy after cleaning.


Randy Dockins
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Nov 12, 2008
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Not exactly a pro move on the reclean, but I guess they "fixed it".

I know what you mean about leaving a sawtooth pattern, in a vacant it's money... In an occupied, not so much. I still scrub across the row from left to right being right hand dominate, but adjust the dry stroke from right to left for the customer. Resting b!tch face is definitely not getting a perfect sawtooth pattern.
Just to be clear the above picture was from the original cleaning. I didn't get a picture after it was cleaned and supposedly groomed again, but she was not totally happy with it then either. She said it didn't look as bad and was not crunchy. She wound up putting it under the bed in her master bedroom to hide most of it. :( She said there were 2 identical rugs. I never saw the other one.
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