Vermont Slate sealer?


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Dec 27, 2009
Johnston, Iowa
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I looked at some flooring for a client on Saturday. It is Vermont Slate in red, green and black in random sizes and has a semi matte sheen on it. There are large white areas pretty much all over that look like blushing. I tried using acid and alkali prespray in inconspicuous areas and nothing would budge these white spots. This stuff was installed in 1948 and I think it has a sealer on it and the white spots are under the sealer. My question is this, what kind of stripper should be used to remove the sealer and how involved is the whole process. Is there a water soluble stripper I could use. She wants an impregnator applied after the cleaning so I assume the stripper and sealer would need to be completely removed. There is 500 sq. ft. of this stuff so it will be a high dollar job but I don't want to mess it up by using the wrong stripper. Help!