Vegan Carpet / upholstery?


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Nov 12, 2008
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This is the first I've heard of it. Reminds me instantly of the rayon/viscose debacle that's often advertised using the word, silk, to describe the fiber type. Viscose is also used which I'm quite sure the average purchaser has absolutely no clue what that means. Basically it means Frankenfiber! Well, it most certainly is not silk and it should not be even allowed to use that word in the description. Those who purchase it don't know what they're really paying for which is priced in many cases FAR above its real value. I strongly suspect they'll do the exact same thing with this so-called "vegan wool. I also suspect there will be similar issues if it finds its way into carpet, rugs, or upholstery fabrics. It's noteworthy the origin appears to be India which I believe is where most of the "faux silk" comes from. I would about as soon by faux silk as I would faux wool or a faux burger? Give me the real thing or keep the fake stuff for yourself. I predict the same very, very deceptive advertising and labeling will be used to sell it and it will likely have an exceedingly poor warranty just like faux silk along with cleaning-related issues. In other words, watch out if you ever are called upon to clean it.

If they want to call that stuff vegan fine. Remove the word wool from the description. People should KNOW what they're REALLY getting. Governments utterly fail to protect consumers here in the U.S. and it appears in other countries as well. I suspect there is corruption by monetary incentives involved as there are in just about all regulatory corruption.
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Sep 17, 2009
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Won't be long til it gets to the market I guess.

How easy / hard would it be to steam clean this kind of fabric?

This actually and has been around already just under a different name and how the fiber is finished.

Another way of viscose being processed and named. Marketing to get money

Just like

coconut silk
banana silk
and now
maybe Art-wool will be named Weganool

It should be named and trademarked as Wooless or Artiwool it shouldnt be called Vegan wool at all. if anything it should be labeled as Imitation Wool
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