VCT equip and supplies for sale, good price?


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Mar 16, 2011
southern Ind.
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Bruce Kennedy
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United States
due to health reasons two guys are selling their equip and supplies for cleaning, striping and waxing VCT.
clark 17" 175 scrubber with pad drivers and carpet brush
powerflite 1200rpm electric burnisher
floorworks 2000 rpm electric burnisher
25 gal stripper
various pads new and used
mop bucket, with mops
dust mop with extra heads
bathroom clean supplies and chems
uprite vac
several gal of spray-buff
floor signs, walk off mats and a bunch of extra odds and ends in roll around cabinet

only thing I would need would be wax and a vac to suck up the stripper, he used a shop vac with a squeegee attachment, he will sell the squeegee attachment, but I would have to buy a new shop vac.($400)


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