Used Nautilus MXE-500 extractor


Mar 27, 2013
Castle Pines, Colorado
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Kirk Standerfer
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United States
I purchased this machine new in late 2014 or early 2015. It is the “extreme” model with dual 8.4” two stage vac motors. ARAMSCO Dallas serviced it last summer and I have only used it once since then and approximate a total of around 60 hours on this machine. The service guy at ARAMSCO remarked about it being in such great shape and looking close to new. Everything works and the body is in really great shape and it is clean. I will post pics tomorrow.

This extractor is truly a beast - the 8.4” vac motors are impressive and can be run parallel or in series and it is easy to switch from one to the other. I am including 50 feet of brand new hose with this - this is the really nice orange vacuum hose and I only used it one time (the hose).

I believe I could get more than what I’m asking, but would prefer to sell this quicker as I need the room having downsized recently. I am in Durant, Oklahoma - which is 95 miles north of Dallas, TX. Please let me know if interested or have any questions. This will make a great unit for anyobe just starting or seasoned vets looking for a portable with the 8.4s.

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Mar 18, 2022
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Aibii Dobson
Definitely interested in this.
Been working alongside a small business but not enjoying the way the business is ran.
Would definitely love to grab this machine.
Gonna do a few more checks on it before I commit.