Urine on Wool rug

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Apr 12, 2018
Byhailia, MS
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Scott Griffin
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United States
We have a rug that has several small urine stains from a dog. The rug is wool, we have tried to use rugsmack and rugsmack with a very small amount of Pure O2, with little to no results. Any help or advice is appreciated.


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Nov 2, 2014
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Richard Santoro
Well, to start with wool fibers except substances as dye easier than any other fiber. And they don't like to give them up. Wool is that tough, so you have your work cut out for you.

Now, I have done a gazillion pet urine decontaminations in my time and I am old school, so besides asking WHAT Spotters did you use, and then flush them out, I always applied an acid to neutralize the urine crystals. This is STEP 1. Apply it almost to the point of saturation and let the chemical do its job for 10 minutes or so. Then rinse the area. Next STEP 2. Apply a bioenzmatic to the affected area. Same thing. Let it work for 15 minutes then blot it up using 100% cotton towels. Apply again and walk away. Let the bioenzmatic do its job. Think of it as a headache. You pop two Advil and is the headache gone instantly? No, of course not. It takes time to work. Same thing.

All that said however unless you put that rug in a bath you have a good chance of never getting it out.
Hope this helped you a little.


Randy Dockins
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Nov 12, 2008
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Randy Dockins
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United States
I'd suggest putting some pics up on this. Urine and wool, in particular, aren't a good match. I've seen some wool rugs totally ruined beyond any reasonable chance of saving them by dog urine. Sounds like the stains will need treatment of some kind if you want any chance of removing them.

Jim Davisson

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Aug 23, 2016
Serving the greater Charlotte area
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James Davisson
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United States
There are plenty of good threads on here about soaking rugs for urine. Try the search function for a host of good answers. When you find the right threads, cleaning vinegar is 20% stronger than white distilled vinegar. Look for answers by Todd and Pinosan namely, they have perfectly described process' in those old threads if I remember correctly.