Urgent Advice - Should I Buy A Cimex Machine If I already Own 2 Trinity OP Machines?


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Jun 17, 2015
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Benn Heath
Hi guys,

My mate needs some advice. I am posting on his behalf as he is not sure how to post a thread on here. The following text is what he sent to me in an sms to post on here. Thanks.

I own a Trinity Champ and Grumpy with inverter and on board sprayer. CDs Truckmount, 2 portables and 175 Rotary. Am slf employed and working on my own.There is a 3 year old Cimex machine for sale - in good condition and at a good price. I'm thinking of running over the carpet with Cimex first and laying down solution via gravity feed on Cimex and then going over it with Trinity Champ speed 3 with Glad pads as Champ does not have onboard spray system. Trinity machines really do scrub dirt off the carpet fibres very well and I assume better than the cimex. But with the Champ if you spray ahead too much the encap dries too quickly. With the Cimex it sprays and scrubs in the one motion and will be easier to just go over carpets with Champ with glad pads for commercial and some domestic carpets. Your advice will be much appreciated as I need to make a decision in the next few days or the machine may sell.

Scott W

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Feb 14, 2006
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The Cimex can be equipped with brushes. These reach down into the carpet pile. A different cleaning action than the Grumpy or Trinity (or a Cimex with pads). It offers one more option. If the price is good, I would buy it to have more options.

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Jul 18, 2012
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Everything I've ever read about Cimex is, they're a good machine to have no matter what your current process may be. And if you find you're not using it like you thought you would, they sell very well used too (obviously, lol).