Upgrading a Mytee 2001CS


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Jun 24, 2022
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People of TMF I seek your wisdom!
I'm pretty new to extractors but have wanted to own my own for a while and the opportunity finally came when this Mytee was listed for a mere $50.
Long story short i'm looking to make a few changes to get good cleaning performance out of it while also trying to be cost effective as this unit will be mainly personal use and perhaps helping out family/close friends occasionally.
1. Pump - it has a 100-120psi pump in it and i'd like to put in a 200-300 psi pump what brand(s) should I look into?
2. Hose - should I stay with a 1.5" hose? The current supply hose is brittle and showing visible cracks and I thought i should just replace both hoses as I've known vacuum hoses to split too. I've read that some have suggested putting a 2" hose on portables to improve airflow. I figured since this unit is only rated at about 100 CFM with it's stock motor a 15' hose would be best to maintain as much airflow as possible, or is that just going to add bulk for too little reward?
3. Carpet wand it currently does not have one, I've been eying the US products Trident value wand as it sounds like the airpath on it might be helpful to this machine with it's lower cfm rating. I've also seen some 12" 2 jet S wand wands for around the $220 mark.
4. Vacuum motor. it currently has a 3 stage motor with ratings of 100 CFM and 130" should i change it? I do need to install new bearing in it as it sounds a little rough but that's well within my skill set
5. Wiring. With this unit being mostly for personal and home use I'd like to add a 2nd cord to reduce the amperage load I was thinking perhaps placing the heater on it's own cord or would it be better to do that with the vacuum motor?
I plan to do the work myself I've worked on vacuum cleaners for years so i feel pretty confident I can do whatever


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Mar 17, 2023
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While I'm not a tmf legend with infinite wisdom. I just used a grand prix 2 that looks just as old as this that has the same specs. 1 motor with the 130 lift will not do much especially since you say it sounds rough as is. This was a demo unit I used and it could not keep up anywhere near our same aged commanche with newer motors. I'd suggest a new motor completely with better specs