FB Update on my El Diablo: Changed oil and filter...


Jason Miller

Update on my El Diablo: Changed oil and filter Put new fuel pump on Changed out the fuel filter and put a bigger one on The friggen thing shut down on me again today.. This is when it seems to do it, I clean and clean then I stop and spend 5 minutes getting to the next part of the building or whatever then the minute I start cleaning it shuts down I wait a few minutes and she fires right back up with no issues

Brandon Davis

Jason Miller, it may be the fuel shut off solenoid. Mine did that for a little bit. There are plenty of videos on how to bypass it on YouTube. Sometimes trash gets in there. From what I've seen they can be a pain. Not sure if yours has it on there, depends how new it is

Adrian Camacho

Exactly the same thing was going with mine except mine is an everest i believe has more sensors than yours, but i changed the oil sensor and it stoped doing that. It will run for 2 hours then move to the other side of building started and would only run for about 5min then 1min. Until i would let it sit for about 15min then would run normal

Matthew Butler

After you clean and clean and stop and move to the next part of the building, was the tm running? On my legend, if there's scale, or the temp solenoid isn't working correctly and you let the heat build, the moment you use any water, the temp sensor will shut it off. Here's what I've learned in troubleshooting my kohler 20 (take what I say with a grain of salt). Coil and fuel issues will make it bog down. Not shut right off. I can unplug the oil sensor (mine is under the air filter). I wired my fuel solenoid to a switch and to the battery.