UPDATE on AV Carpet Care


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Jun 12, 2017
Winston Salem Nc
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Andrew Walker
Great to hear you're doing well!

The weather has been sketchy the last few weeks, so carpet's been up-and-down in Charlotte. Nice warm weather, but all the rain is making people hesitate about having their doors open and their floors wet. I think come late March, you'll have more business than you know what to do with!

And don't sweat the commercial work - down the road, if you pick up a CRB machine, you'll be able to do at least small commercial (restaurants, strip malls, etc) on your own quickly. Also, don't forget, we've got a few other TMF members in your neck of the woods too, so you can always buddy up and tackle them together.

Thanks Mama Feb! I am still using those shoe covers you sent me.

And yeah I am not worried at all about the commerical work. I don't think I am ready for it yet ha !