Truckmount not starting, starter solenoid clicking


Jun 22, 2018
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Tristen Walters
Hey guys, I’m trying to get my machine back up and running. Wife kept it over my head during a divorce, and I want it running before I sell it. When trying to start it, it doesn’t turn the starter at all. The only thing I get is a clicking when I hit the key. I replaced the starter, replaced the solenoid (after the video, still exact same noise) and replaced the battery. Any ideas on what this could be? The wire coming out of the solenoid and going to the starter gets really hot after just a second or two, to the point that smoke comes out.


Randy Dockins
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Nov 12, 2008
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Randy Dockins
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United States
I figure that something isn't wired right. My only suggestion that may help is if you know a good small engine mechanic you can trust you might just pay them a 1 hour fee and I bet they can fix it in 30 minutes or less, maybe even 15 minutes. If you take some pictures it might help if you don't want to go into a small engine shop. The basics of the machine will be easy for any good small engine guy. If you take some pics of how you have things wired and post it on here someone might be able to see what's wrong. If it has fuses I would make certain none of them are burnt and replace if needed. I wouldn't even try to start again until you find out the problem. That wire should not be getting hot and smoking. Many machines have their manual online that shows the correct wiring so that might help if you can find your manual. I suspect whatever is causing that wire to get hot is your problem. Find out how to correct that and I bet it will start. If you take pics be sure to include both the starter and the solenoid.