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Truckmount issue

robert 1

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Jan 12, 2010
Wichita Falls TX
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Robert Gamez
Hey guys I didn't see any thread topics for troubleshooting truckmount problems so I'm posting here. It is been a pretty mild winter here in philly and when the temperature dips I throw a portable heater in my truck to prevent freezing issues but today when I tried to do a job I had no water pressure as I started to prespray. My hydroforce sprayer ran for like 5 seconds at 400 psi then I lost pressure and I had no water. I tried to hook up my wand and same problem, no pressure. I tried different solution hoses and same problem, very low pressure like something is blocked or clogged. There is water in my water box and the pressure guage seemed to be working fine when I would adjust it. I did not have a heater in my truck last night but it stayed in the high 30's until about 6 am and by that time I was up and had turned the heater on. If it was freeze damage what should I look for? Wouldn't something be leaking or spraying water if the pump cracked?
What can happen is if it starts to freeze mine has done this even with the heater on depending where the wind is co ing from it pushes minerals deposits and crud thru hoses and filters when the water starts to I take mine in when it's cold