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FB Truckmount down until I can get it fixed....


Ron Papke

You might have the throttle set too high. Try running it at 3/4 throttle and see if that helps.

Matthew Butler

How do you know it's over heating? Or is it just shutting off? Is it the Kohler Command 20? I'm far far from mechanically inclined, but have talked to tons of people about my Legend SE with the same engine. I sent you a message from a different post, same engine. There's a number there for James, he's answered my call on a Sunday morning before. Love the fact there's so many people in this business willing to give their phone number out and take the time to help. Anthony Castro hopefully I'll be out in the Lancaster area sometime this month, I'd love to see that Judson. Speaking of which, Leslie is another cool guy that will take the time to help you.

Matthew Butler

I also think that vlm is a much much better backup Paul Granados. That was done w/ a $200 Powr Flite 175 w/ carpet brush...

Paul Granados

Update I took it to a small engine guy out here in my area rigjt now. He said I'm getting too much fuel into my carburetor. I'm using a electric fuel pump and the floats aren't working properly


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Mar 5, 2017
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Thorsten Herwig
Nice to see the response from everyone and helping out