Truck Mount not heating

Brian Sulltrop

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Aug 15, 2015
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Brian Sulltrop
I am using a Cobalt truck mount made by Blueline equipment which is a heat exchanger unit and it is not producing hot water. I have run the unit multiple times now up to 30 min. at a time with an outside temperature in the upper 40's. I was told by someone to block the vacuum line for a few seconds at a time to build engine temp which I did several times which as one would expect the engine and exhaust get warm as the should however there is no increase in water temp. The gauge does not move from zero and the water feels lukewarm out of the wand. The van has been kept in a heated shop so it has not been exposed to below freezing temperatures and the mount works perfectly other than it is not heating the water. I have the manual that came with it from Blueline however that has been no help. If someone out there has any suggestions as how to fix this I would greatly appreciate it.