Transfer a 2000 4.6 CDS from a 2000 Dodge to a 2010 GMC


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Oct 24, 2013
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Stephen Beckwith
Hello there
I wonder how much modding needs to be done to achieve this?
A few hasics first.
The high Idle on the CDS no longer operates so i replaced it with a choke cable running to the gas pedal line in the dog house. Actually allows for different operating speeds.
My problem is the GMC, its a throttle position sensor, not a wire so i have ordered a high idle (plug in) module. I have been told its not possible to do the transfer because of parts cost and needing too many new parts, but they were not specific about what, other than a new PTO and clutch and the means to attach it.
I can get a shaft built for under 400 bucks, balanced and the bracket fabricated for under 700, the clutch for about 300.
My question is:
What might be the issue, or was the person I spoke to just trying to put me off so i would buy a new machine. I was told I would need a whole new panel, any Idea why? The local distributor is confident he can transfer it but wants 10 grand to do it, another Guy that builds his own TM's wants 3000.
The GMC has rear heat, is that a factor that needs to be considered?
Where do I tie-in the coolant lines?
Thanks in advance for any help, info or advice.