Trailer setup questions? Fuel transport!


Mar 3, 2013
Hi Guys

Need a little trailer advice please. I am at a point where I need to buy an enclosed trailer, my garage is full of carpet cleaning, tile and pressure washing equipment and apart from it being really hard to keep moving about I would like to run electronic portable/truck mount from the trailer.

The plan is to have my propane 10kw generator venting outside running the nautlius 500, water otter, northstar heater (diesel currently) and have a belt driven 4GPM 4000 PSI water in the door way of the trailer and the carpet and tile in the back.

I havent ordered it yet but I am about to order a Snapper 6ft x 12 ft V nose trailer but I have to order it reduced height so its about 5ft inside which I will just have to live with or its pay a couple of hundred a month on storage.

I am a little worried about fuel transportation, maybe I am being silly but if I keep a propane bottle at the furthest end of the trailer, the northtstar vented out of the roof at the other and the pressure washer with gas in it at the other end by the door, will I be ok? I don't like the idea of having different fuels in a trailer but can't see any other options in the setup I have planned. Has anyone ever done this?

As I am storing the trailer in the garage I am having a little trouble with the roof vent, the trailer company said its 6" off the top of the trailer which seems a little high to me, anyone know of a slim line or something I can do do I can keep it low, I really only need this for the northstar as I want to vent it straight up, they did offer side venting but after seeing a northstar burnt up I really don't want to set my new trailer on fire, guess I could make some hood myself and cover it up somehow.

Also thinking of getting side open doors rather than the pull down ramp, just thought it might be easier to access hoses and such instead of standing on a ramp especially with the height of my trailer being lower than most.

Any advice please guys?

Thank you