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Jan 11, 2019
Pagosa Springs, Colorado
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Justin Jackson
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United States
Located in Southern Colorado. I built this small trailer mount to do some jobs on the side and then got busy with my regular job. I used a drop axle enclosed trailer so that it will fit into a standard garage and I added 1" of foam insulation on all 6 sides so that it is basically like a big ice chest. I put everything that can get cold and freeze without hurting it on the outside and everything else on the inside. It is about 95% complete - it just needs a heater (I planned on putting in a little giant heater and I already have dual propane tank mount on front with regulator that is piped into trailer), but I can sell my little electric mytee turbo if you really need something to get you going.

The tires are in good shape and it comes with a new spare. I tested it out the other day by using it to clean all the levels on a 3-story house using warm water in the water tank and my little electric heater. It has a new 26HP predator engine and a roots 036 blower. It has a 35 gallon fresh water tank and a similar-sized recovery tank in it (with stainless filter and strainer basked and adjustable vacuum relief). It uses a 220psi electric demand pump that is mounted inside. It pulls about 15" of Mercury. The blower is filled with the grease and oil that Roots recommends. It has shelves on the inside for holding chemicals, towels and other items. It comes with some chemicals, 100' of new 2" vacuum hose, 100' of new 1/4 high pressure solution hose. The engine is electric start and fires right up (battery is on the inside of the trailer so that it will start well in cold weather). I have a stair tool, hose connectors and a few other freebies that I can include. I will also include the Oreck orbiter XL Pro and the various heads for it - it has a place that it mounts inside the trailer. $4500.00 Call Justin at (505) 264-9248.


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