Traditional Hands On Training @roballen

Jul 9, 2017
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stephanie barber
Hello, I've been looking today and unfortunately have not come across much. We're looking for a hands on training program for Tile, Stone & Grout Cleaning. Does anyone know if Rob Allen or someone here offers this type of service? We are looking to do this as soon as possible. Please don't refer us to YouTube we know its a great resource but its not hands on and we'd feel more confident in paying for a training seminar or similar. I've checked a lot of known sites for this service and most are only offering ONLINE courses. Thanks for your help :)

John Rockwood

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Oct 18, 2012
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John Rockwood
Not sure if this helps but you could try Aramsco, Jon-don or interlink supply. These guys are always having hands on classes during the year. If you have even a janitorial supply outlet near by you could call them and ask.
Some of the manufactures have hand on classes to introduce their products as well.
You are going to accept having to travel to attend a class maybe an overnighter.