Tornado Marathon 2000 * Carpet Extractor


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May 16, 2015
Rahway NJ
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Gregory Yunginger
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United States
This is a Commercial Grade Walk Behind Carpet Scrubber/Cleaner, Machine is made for Commercial properties, office buildings, Large Halls etc. Machine is in Good Used Condition, everything appears to function as it should. What you see is what you get! No accessories included, front cover is missing, easily replaceable.
Located in Linden NJ 07036
Asking $1,995

Description from Manufacturer:

Quick-fill solution tank - The 20-gallon solution tank permits long periods of uninterrupted operation between refills.

Large-capacity recovery - A 20-gallon recovery tank has a clear cover for monitoring the tank level. The cover is sealed with a heavy-duty gasket for optimal recovery performance.

Operator-friendly - A simple, easy-to-use control panel allows the operator to control speed, solution, and recovery functions. The handle continues Tornado's excellence in ergonomic design and commitment to operator comfort.

Professional design - A 22" vac shoe, easy-access drain hoses, and detachable 75-foot power cord are standard features on the Marathon 2000.

High-performance carpet extraction - An adjustable brush, 100 psi solution pump, and 22" vac shoe provide deep-down cleaning in one pass.

Service-friendly - The Marathon 2000 is easily and quickly accessible for service and maintenance operations.

Built-in spray wand - The unit comes standard with a pre-spray hose and wand for handling edges, corners, and spotting operations.

Versatile - The Marathon 2000 is ideal for large offices, and other carpeted areas where cleaning and extraction are a must.

Mobility - Transaxle drive, large rear wheels, and front swivel castors make transport simple and efficient.

Solution Capacity: 20 gal.
Recovery Capacity: 20 gal.
Brush Size: 19"
Cleaning Rate: 3,200 - 8,500 sq. ft./hour
Adjustable Brush: Yes
Vac Shoe Size: 22"
Brush Motor: 1/4 HP
Solution Pump PSI: 100
Jets: 4
Drive System: Transaxle
Drive Motor: 1/4 HP
Self-Propelled & Speed: Yes/Variable
Power Cord: 75' detachable
Weight: 190 lbs


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