Topical Treatment - What is the best value to offer


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Jul 13, 2021
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Scott McKey
Hi Everybody, cannot thank everyone enough for all the advice and guidance that is offered here. I am looking at setting up a pet package that involves pet hair+dander removal, topical treatment for urine (mainly marketed for urine + lipids, minor/microscopic fecal matter tracked in on fur/hair from going outside) and deoderizer as well as normal deep clean. Having searched many posts and threads I would love insight into what would be the best value to client for topical. I have a couple of options I was thinking of:

1) USR with UV light to pinpoint pet urine spots and applied with hydroforce
2) Petzone or OSR topical application-unsure how to apply through sprayer as I thought it was usually applied with bucket or watering can
3) Acid rinse mixed heavy and applied
4) Just an enzyme boosted prespray with bio-modifier injected into any specific pet urine spots-I know injecting the sub-pad with enzymes is not "topical" but as an extra step to pre-spray if I was to leave out any of the above options
5) Mixture of one or more of the above

I would follow the above options with a normal deep clean. Would love to hear what you have found clients and carpet to positively respond to the best within limitations of a topical treatment

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