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Top 5 social media mistakes to avoid

Discussion in 'Local Social Media Marketing' started by WWW.FiveStar-Clean.Com, Jun 10, 2017.


  1. WWW.FiveStar-Clean.Com

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    Sep 12, 2013
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    It can be deceptively easy to run social media accounts for your business. Everyone has one in every one needs one. But be careful not to fall into common pitfalls. It may not be so obvious at first that you've even committed those social media faux pas. After doing some research I have come up with a list of top five biggest mistakes businesses make on social media.

    1. Constant self-promotion
    Desperation is not pretty on social media. If you reach a certain number of promotions per day, you'll quickly be ignored and regarded as 'spam' to potential clients. People aren't going to follow your account if it is all about sales. What you need is more social on your social media account to build trust and organic interaction.
    ( very common mistake on Facebook business pages!)

    2. Self -centered posting

    Yes, your social media accounts are there to help you promote you and your brand, but too much and you're going to run into the same problem as our number one mistake. You need to create value on your social media account before people are going to pay attention to what you say. This includes interacting with the fellows commentating on new stories in your industry, and giving away free advice to build stronger relationships.

    3. Not posting regularly

    There is a balance that you must achieve when it comes to posting on social media. Too much and you'll get on people's nerves, too little and your frequency lessens your value. What you need to do is get yourself a post schedule through social media management apps , like hootsuite or buffer. These allow you to keep your account fresh, without having you sit at the computer all day. You should also consider hiring someone to do your blog creation for you if you're busy. ( Ever try ? $5 and a topic and you have yourself a viral blogging assistant without having to pay benefits!)

    4. No game plan

    What are your goals for your social media pages? Do you want to just increase page views on your website? Do you want bigger follower counts? Well, you're going to need a method to follow in order to generate buzz around your accounts. That means posting things that people will share and trace back to the source. You can do this through a variety of unique content creations : infographics, memes, giveaways,vlogs and so forth. This is where schedule content posting reigns supreme. ( maybe look at sites like HooteSuite to keep the posts on schedule)

    5. Ignore negative comments

    Give every comment a chance, you should be using negative comments as leverage to advertise fairness and transparency. I'm not saying you should spend all day giving attention to negative posters, as you are consequently neglecting the positive feedback you should be curated and boosted. Just learned how to take negative criticism well, as it will add to your integrity as a brand.

    Of the five listed above, which are you most guilty of?
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  2. Ken Raddon

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    Jul 22, 2010
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    I am most guilty of not having any social media presence.
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  3. Thunder

    Thunder New Member

    Mar 5, 2017
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    Good written yes I totally agree with those common mistakes same with hastags on post some people put every word in a hash tag...... This goes back to google as spam as well.
    Yes post should be positive and not just self centered the free advise is good too.
    Special for little things people are happy about good advice and maybe safe money too.
    This is good customer service from my understanding as it shows your not just out to get their money.
  4. WWW.FiveStar-Clean.Com

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    Sep 12, 2013
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    You should work on that because it will greatly benefit your business. I'm personally on Facebook ,yelp Pinterest ,foursquare ,Google and Instagram all of which I do for free it's just a matter of taking the time to sit down at the computer and update your listing on them from time to time. It's a great way to advertise your monthly specials if you have any and Connect with potential new customers and showcase your work.
    What have you got to lose a little bit of your time and effort and it will pay off in the end when you book big jobs.
    You can also put links to these various sites on your webpage so that people can read your reviews and get a better understanding of how you do business.
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  5. Mrs.SpeedySteamer

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    Apr 26, 2012
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    Ken, I don't know if you were serious or just joking but you made me laugh out loud. I scared my animals that were sleeping... Thanks for the morning laugh...
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  6. rihanadisuza

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    Jul 3, 2017
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    You must use social media scheduling tool to avoid any kind of mistake. It will also save your time and boost visitors.

    Some popular social media scheduling tools are:

    • Buffer.
    • IFTTT.
    • SocialOomph.
    • TweetDeck.
    • Tweepi.
    • SocialFlow.
    • SproutSocial.
    • Hootsuite
  7. StevenB.

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    Sep 29, 2012
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    I'm guilty of a few...I have issues with number 5 though. I have one complaint about my service as far as I know on the internet.:D I scorched the earth on that one and posted it here and on face book,:banghead: it was a bad review from yelp. It's still there, she said I said...:rolleyes::alien::poop: . I let that one get away and think it was time to move on. I'm no angel or "Know it all." I screwed it up when I let a moveout custy leave me in a vacant without payment. :ROFLMAO::banghead:. That:poop: was on me...It was to late to make it better.

    I don't ignore complaints at any level when it comes to my business. I would suck it up to my troubled customer until I learned how to handle the situation better from my end...Did I qualify my customer properly before agreeing to the work? How did it come to the point that my customer was so unsatisfied with my service that they wrote a bad review? I'm sorry but I feel if that's a problem with our sort of business it's on our end. We obviously dropped the ball somewhere when it comes to communication...Did I oversell and un-deliver? Was my ad misleading? Why did I agree to start the job if the conditions weren't acceptable? Did I get a signature? Yes, Winner! your good, more often than not...Admit it!:p:happy::kiss:

    No, you didn't get the signature?:( Did you get a verbal ok?:sneaky::oops::whistle: So you just wrote up the bill, custy signed off on the job and now the custy is unhappy:banghead:

    Maybe social media ain't yer problem.:cigar:. Of course if you are a high volume multi truck cleaning business it's just a numbers game and my thoughts might be a bit different. I give my customers my personal touch(y) I help with the ads, I set the pricing, I'm the only person that customer ever talks to. So if there is a communication breakdown it's on my end. I will walk from a job if my conditions aren't acceptable. A bunch of you don't walk when you should ...;) sometimes it works out sometimes not.:wtf: I bet a bunch of those make there way to the internet.:sick:.

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