Top 10 profitable things to pressure wash

Davey Cracker

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Nov 6, 2009
LB, CAliforina
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Number 11 ... children ...
I even self debated on whether or not to even post this. I guess the devil on my shoulder won out and mom got arrested so i dont feel too bad about the link.

Damn Woman...Poor Kid..............I don't care how angry/frustrated she was, that is horrible child abuse.


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Sep 25, 2011
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Dennis Graham
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We focus on house washing and driveways/side walks, not to mention Fencing. This profit margin for us is higher than with carpet. I would not want to do it all day everyday but we like it so our clients do not have to call other vendors. We can clean, carpets, tile, windows, pressure, Dryer vents and other things. It is a messy job though.

Tranzwash Group

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Dec 16, 2019
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George K
From warehouse floors, walls and roof sparkle inside and out! The team at Tranzwash specialise in hard to remove grime, grit and ground in stains as well as the nemesis of many people, especially cleaners, chewing gum! We have the right equipment to tackle every job, whether they’re:

  • high cleans – up to 12 metres.
  • pavement cleaning before and after a special event, or because it needs it!
  • or an annual clean up of your property.