Tons of drying equipment for sale, Southern Indiana


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May 9, 2021
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Derek Stutz
Hello, I have lots, and lots, and lots of drying equipment for sale. A lot of it will be posting on EBAY over the course of the next couple weeks, but I am also putting a word out here as well. I am in Bedford, IN for pick up.

My company does not use this equipment any more, and I have decided to finally sell it. This is not a complete list, but some of the main things are:
-about 75 fans. Some Dri Eaz, a bunch of One-29 fans (some stil in boxes),
-9 dehumidifiers. All Dri Eaz. 1 small, 1 large, and 7 XL 2800s
-Nearly new Wood floor drying kit-- literally used only once
-Phoenix ride on extractor
-Wall drying kits
-Meters, including and Flir Infared
-2 air scrubbers (older ones)
-Lots of other stuff.

Feel free to message me here. Or, email at [email protected]