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@Todd the Cleaner is in the hospital.


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Jan 18, 2011
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Bananas are high in potassium.
testing how to post
Not trying to spook todd with that. But experiences ive had. Its good to have a family member there questioning the doctors moves. Ask lots of questions. And keep up with their schedule. Like what time and what they are supposed to do with you.
Good advice! Listen carefully to what the Dr is trying to explain to you, ask questions, get an understanding and take notes. Then go home and google it, read up, get an understanding. WebMD is a good site to get educated. It's like troubleshooting your truckmount. You gather up the symptoms, come to the TMF, and search the threads till you find your answers. Drs dont cure us they treat symtoms, but we can use them to find the cures for ourselves. 99% of our physical issues are caused by mental, nutritional, dietary or lifestyle causations. Yeah sometimes some medicine might help clean the slate, or reset the mechanism, but not as a steady way of life. Use the Drs like any other tool in your tool box. You don't try to remove your starter motor with a hammer or screwdriver, you learn to use the right tool at the right time.

Those little planters packs? Good heart healt or whatever? I eat those for lunch instead of sandwiches now. Plus a couple of them halos. Surprisingly they hold me up till about 5 then i start getting real hungry. I do have a stash of beef jerky though for them late days. View attachment 89202
Lol how could i forget women he only copied thousands of conspiracy articles condemning them.

Best thing one can do is cut out all the ready made boxed/canned crap. Of course some are ok. And eating it from time to time wont hurt you. But living off of it can cause problems. Even i try to avoid that stuff. I stick to the outer walls of the super market. But i avoid the veggy area lol. I do grab fruit and nuts though. I agree with the organic. But really how does one know if it truly is organic.
I even went yesterday to see if i could find v8 jim was talking about. I found 6 packs of v8 hydrate. Lol i drank all of them. So they were good. I just need a lot of them.

I love red meat but honestly i eat mostly chicken. God i hate chicken now. But my wife has been on a health kick and shes been losing weight. So if chicken is whats for dinner then chicken or turkey is what im eating. Unless i bbq then i get the good stuff. But i include chicken on the grill. Occasional pizza or cheesesteak. Maybe even hit up mission bbq. But mostly its all home cooked food. And your right. After eating you feel good not ill or hungry 10 minutes later. But filled.
Try one of the home meal kit companies, like Every Plate. Thats my favorite, and they will teach you so many simple cheap ways to cook chicken, it's like eating in an upscale restaurant every night. And its an easy way to limit your calories to 5- 700 per meal and control your macros.
Todd, so glad to hear youre still here and going home. I don't get on here much anymore, and it's great to see the og guys, Todd, Johnny, and the rest of you here.


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Feb 13, 2011
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Ok @Todd the Cleaner

now you gotta keep yourself out of the hospital.

out of love I say.

come on brother. We have talked about life changes on this forum many times over the past nearly decade now we have known each other via this forum.............

No excuses now.

This time it MUST be different.

If not for yourself,

For your beautiful wife and kids.

Let me know if you need anything.

I am itching for an excuse to come to Vegas......Its only a $110 dollar round trip flight.