Titanium Dioxide in Food Products - Nano Tecnologies in food products


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Jan 3, 2010
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Unfortunately, many food companies are using unlabeled, untested nano ingredients in their candies. In February, Mars—the largest candy maker in the world—released a statement1 in which it committed to removing artificial colors from its food products over the next five years. But it was not clear at the time whether this included titanium dioxide, one of the most common chemicals used to engineer nanomaterials. Center for Food Safety pressed Mars on the issue and the company stated in an email that it is including titanium dioxide among the colorants it will remove from human food products – but has made no such commitment on other nano ingredients.

Tell Mars to speed up its removal of titanium dioxide and to remove ALL nano ingredients from their candy and food products >>



These 89 titanium dioxide containing products represent only a tiny fraction of products that have been available since before the term nanotechnology was popularised. And while they undoubtedly contain some small particles – most powders contain at least a few particles that are nanometer sized – they are there to ensure that the food products have bright, vibrant colors.

I think any heavy metals injected or used to change chemistry in food or anything is bad news and may have life altering effects.
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