Titan 575


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Sep 1, 2009
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this isnt so much about a repair but modification question.

first I have to explain that due to the way I clean (using a pile lifter etc.) the truckmount is not being utilized all the time. In addition, I usually clean at 400 psi with 6 flow so when I am rinsing, Im not using that much water.

my previous TM was a Prochem Apex. That machine too produced too much heat and a lot of on board water flowed to the waste tank to keep the water system cool. I solved that problem by removing the first heat exchanger. That accomplished two things. 1. The water in the water box and primary heating system never got above 180 degrees from the coolant heat exchanger so no water was dumped in the waste tank. 2. Having that part of the heating system cooler allowed for a longer life span for the water pump.

But then I sold the Apex and got the Titan about four months ago so I have had time to get familiar with the machine. I first ran the Heat Selector on HOT and the Temperature selector on Warm and I got good heat but could tell that it was dumping water (both the Apex and Titan have Water Ponds - I had the Apex for 11 years and know how much water I should be using) So I tried to put the Heat Selector on Warm and the Temperature selector on Warm and got slightly lower heat but it is still dumping water. the other thing I noticed was that at the end of the job, the temperature guage needle was bouncing which is a sign that the water in the water box is hot.

I need to modify the machine so that I can get decent heat (190-210 is fine with me) but not have it dump.

the weird thing is that if you look at the water flow in the manual, the water does not get heated until AFTER the Heat Selector Valve and the Bypass Valve is before all the heating process so by reading the diagram, there should always be cold water in the water box.

help please!