Titan 575 using too much water


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Aug 11, 2019
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Timothy Blacknell
Hi all
First time post. I have aTitan 575 and my operator has noticed some strange things happening over the past few weeks.
1st (last month) - It blow the top radiator hose off chugging coolant everywhere. When I looked the hose clip was extremely loose so put it down to maybe not being secured properly (only done 250 hours)
2nd (Today)- When priming the chemical system I select prime, it bubbles, I switch to on and even when the metering control is completely off, it is still registering flow of around 3-4
3rd (Today) - We have cleaned around 40 sqm of low profile carpet tile and its used half a jug of detergent and nearly half a sub tank of water.

I thought I would mention the 1st incident in case it was related so everyone is in the picture but may not be connected with todays problem. One other issue is if you select 'warm' on the heat selector valve it loses all pressure.