Tips for cleaning dirty office chairs faster w/o professional equipment?


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Sep 4, 2021
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Collin Zeng
I refurbish office chairs and part of that process is cleaning the upholstery. I do not have access to professional equipment. My current process is as follows:

1) wet upholstery with Folex

2) use hammer drill with foam pad attachment to "beat" the upholstery

3) use a Hoover SmartWash (1000 watts measured at the wall) to extract

Folex works pretty well, definitely the best of the consumer-level products I've tried.

However, in my research, I keep coming across encap-based cleaning methods.

I would love to hear you pros out on using encap products to clean my office chairs. I am interested in encap because this would significantly speed the process--way less drying time for example. And hopefully even fewer passes? I find that in some cases, wetting the chairs causes wicking, where stains buried deep in the upholstery rise to the surface. A low-moisture, encap process would likely help with that issue...but I just don't know where to start? Any recommended encap solutions for use with a consumer-level carpet extractor? Thank you!