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Microwave Dan

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Feb 3, 2020
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Dan H
For someone new to carpet cleaning especially with a truck mount what tips and tricks of the trade do you have?
Personally I start setting up my solution line and let the truck mount warm up with 250•.
then prespray with a 13 ph cleaner and use a agitating brush with some heavy duty soil lifter
Then let dwell 5-10 minutes while setting the rest of my stuff up.
lastly rinse with a 3.5-4 rinse with 550 psi
Of course I treat certain stains also if it’s red stains or urine.

Todd the Cleaner

Todd Cottino
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Sep 4, 2011
Pahrump, Nevada, United States
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Todd Cottino
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First tip is not every job needs a nuclear bomb treatment like you are using. Actually even on the nastiest ones I never go over 10 pH. On lightly soiled jobs you can even mix your prespray at half the recommended strength.