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Tile & grout


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Oct 31, 2013
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Mardie VanBree
I'm buying my first Turbo Hybrid tomorrow - do you recommend changing out the jets to higher flow or do the jets it comes with work well as is? I'm running a truckmount with a diesel burner so maintaining heat isn't an issue...

Do you use the 12" or 15" version? I'd like the 15" but I worry if it's not as practical in a residential setting.

@Todd the Cleaner
@Jose Holguin
My 15" TH came with .01 jets. I wanted more volume so i ordered another spray bar with .02 jets installed and ready to go. Replacing the jets on the bar is a real pita and you could bend the bar trying to get them jets out and it is so fast and easy to just change the complete bar with jets already installed.

If i were you i would just ask them to send the bar that has the .02 jets unless you have a small fresh and waste tank. I dont have that problem because i am portable.Auto feed and dump. The jobs i do it with you would need a tanker truck to haul the water i go through.


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Jul 30, 2008
Deerfield Beach, FL
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Gerald Simmons
When they get worn and rounded they don't stay in the grout line when brushing. Used the bench grinder to put the v back into the brush. You just have to get the angle right and about 2 times across the grinder on each side of the brush and it was as good as new
Great idea, I love it!!