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Jamie Peacock

Tile Cleaning Chemical Discussion: I have used Groutmaster once and feel like I really didn't get much better results than just using Viper Venom but it seems like in order to get the grout to come out perfect I always end up using some Viper renew to get the grout to "pop" perfectly. I'm super careful when I use Viper Renew (Acid) and mask shit off the best I can but I just have this feeling that one of these days I'm going to damage something if I haven't done so already. My question is, is there chemical out there with the strength of an acidic tile cleaner without the chance of collateral damage from acid? I've tried more dwell time, different grout brushes, my Saturn scrubber, etc... I'm running 2 newer Prochem Apex's, SX-12 and SX-15 spinner. I set the PSI at 1000 with the heat on. What else can I do for better results?

Ryan Albert

I think you're doing everything right. Just like carpet cleaning, it's not always possible to have a 100% perfect end result. I've had good success with groutmaster, along with prescrubbing with a 175 or CRB. I hardly ever use an acid besides in bathrooms.

Eric Jenkins

There does exist an acid grout cleaner that doesn't hurt stainless steel! Most people don't know of it. Not sure why. It's all I stock for the vans. Lo Test from Newline. It metal safe.

Michael Camacho

I've found no alkali cleaner that is clearly superior than the next. In fact, all professional products are inferior IMO, to citrus and stripper... Alkalis are always going to do a poor job on calcium buildup and using an acid is simply an integral part of a thorough job with those types of issues. Like stated earlier, scrubbing with a 175 on a nylagrit is going to make short work of and stubborn tile job