Tile and grout


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Mar 7, 2019
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Caitlyn De Franca
Hi guys, I'm new to TMF and I think this site is a god sent. There's so much information available and I've already spent hours looking through all the forums and have learned a great deal.

I have a few remaining questions. I'm currently carpet cleaning and looking to add tile and grout into the business. I'm now aware I need an extractor with more PSI than I have, so I'm weighting up between the kanga 1200 and the nautilus mx3. I'm learning towards the nautilus (if you have tried both and have any feedback that would be greatly appreciated). I'm not fussed about the investment as it'll be a revenue I'll continue for a long time.

But at the moment, what I'm not clear about is the agitation.
I have a polivac rotary scrubber and was wondering with a certain type of pad/brush designed for it - do you think this would be passable for agitation? I've read some people say it won't get into the grout lines much, and a 175 would be perfect but i'm unsure as it seems it would be quiet similar?

I'm purchasing a second hand sx12 tile wand quiet cheap and I've read lots of reviews of it being a great tool.
I'll definitely be purchasing grout master, and try my own home first and then bridge off to family and friends before I advertise/ take on any tile and grout jobs. It seems like with the right set up and machinery, I'll hopefully get great results.. So I want to make sure before I purchase anything new/ start I have everything to make the process as breezy as learning a new thing can be. If you have any extra advice/ or know anything about the above, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!