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Threatening Phone Call


Nov 7, 2010
Yup I'm a sketchy guy, faked all 48 reviews already.

We were required to post a review to get the Google Local Services going.

Cleaning was essentially true as we did clean for mother in law and she has no clue how to operate Google. Next time I'll simply set it up under her name before I suffer the wrath of TMF members.
You have reviews older than your review of your own company though? Why would you be required to post a review of YOUR company for google local services? and why include a response from the owner? Congrats on all of the other reviews though, 40+ five stars is solid!
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Nov 12, 2016
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Well Sherlock Holmes - I updated the review later to include a picture of the truck - which Google records the date of your last edit, not your last post.

I'm not responding to more questions on this thread about my company - someone calls and threatens to kill me and my family for "speaking bad of previous carpet cleaning companies I worked at" which I only spoke of one publicly, being Oxi Fresh, that many people know is a horrible quality cleaning system.

You've ignored evidence that I've left POSITIVE reviews for other carpet cleaning companies outside of myself.

I'm starting to see why Rob Allen reacts the way he does on this forum and it probably is getting to be time to move on. To appease the diseased minds here I've removed all of my reviews of Oxi Fresh.