The whole carpet cleaning ins and outs - PLEASE HELP


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Nov 25, 2018
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Hi all needing help. Decided back at the start of 2018 I wanted to start my own business carpet cleaning. Anyhow went a bought a bunch of equipment and chems. This is what I have so far..


Polivac C27 Rotary Scrubber

Polivac Terminator Extractor with carpet wand

6 Microfibre Pads and 1 Speedtrek Pad (microfibre with green strips)

Sauber Vacuum

Grandi Grooming rakes. Stiff clear bristle one and black softer bristle one

Chemical sprayer


3 bottles of Bridgepoint Encapuclean Green DS

Small bottle of Bridgepoint Avenge stain remover

CCW big lemon deodorizer

Hydromaster OJ gel clear solvent

Power spot by power clean

Pullman carpet shampoo

I started off wanting to just do bonnet cleaning which is the first machine I bought. After reading on the forum for months I have learned there is so much more to carpet cleaning than I originally thought, and that majority of people say extraction is far superior. Went out and bought my portable a few days ago second hand as my funds aren’t incredible atm to buy a new one. Didn’t have a lot of choice on what I could buy as this was literally the only working second hand one that I could find for sale in my state.

So anyway, few questions I have for you all.

1. I will be doing a course in carpet cleaning, upholstery, leather, fine fabrics cleaning and spot cleaning in April. I have searched for hours/days/weeks/months on carpet cleaning and can’t find too much information on carpet cleaning ins and out. (maybe I’m bad at searching the right terms) The question… Can anyone and everyone put links in the comments of good educational reads and videos for me to learn?

2. When it comes to chemicals rather than asking what specific chemicals I should get I would like to know what particular things would I need chemicals for and also a description of what those thing are? For example, I read people talking about browning and chemicals that prevent or fix browning... Obviously having already read that term I can search up on that one. I’m more talking about terms/problems a noob such as myself may not know about.

3. I’ll list what I know or at least think I know so far down below and can people pick apart and tell me what’s right, what’s wrong and any other helpful comments that you could? Thanks

Process of bonnet cleaning using what I have…

1. Thorough vacuum

2. Spot clean

3. Pre-spray with encapuclean and spray lightly on bonnet pad

4. Bonnet clean with microfibre pad

5. Groom carpet with carpet rake

Process of extraction cleaning with what I have…

1. Thorough vacuum

2. Set up extractor with as hot water as the tap will provide and use pullman carpet shampoo in solution tank

3. Spot clean

4. Pre-spray with encapuclean

5. Use wand by spraying on back stroke moving slowly and going a few dry strokes over the same area

6. After extraction groom carpet with carpet rake

Now I know there most definitely tons of problems with both methods and the chems I currently have but that is why I am posting.

Now I read a lot about carpet rinses... and have no idea about them. Do you need to rinse every time you clean? Is the purpose of rinsing to get the PH level back to a good level? Is the ideal PH level for carpet 7? Is it necessary to check carpet PH levels when starting out?

How should you pick a chem for your solution tank? Do you need to use a different chem in your solution tank in different circumstances? Is there chems that will do well for majority of jobs?

Can someone tell me their bonnet cleaning procedure and extraction procedure step by step?

Everything about carpet cleaning really intrigues me and I love learning about it and want to provide the best I can for my customers. Also, can you fluff up flattened carpet with the equipment that I currently have? Or do you have to have steam? Sorry for the long as post and for any questions that are probably findable on the internet, I’m just bad at finding anything useful or that I understand. Any bit of information no matter how small is greatly appreciated.




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Sep 28, 2014
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I hate to say this out loud but it's just carpet cleaning.

Sure there are chemicals and methods for specific issues, but probably 90% are pretty straightforward.
Go clean some carpets. Family and friends.
As stated above, if you run into a problem then resolve it using the search bar.
You can't possibly know everything before you get started.
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