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gordon qian

Oct 31, 2019
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gordon qian
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Who will build the first to build a truckmount for this
The battery is only 67kWh, so the van is electrified, but slide-in truckmount will still most likely has to be gas powered. ETM using on board battery in theory could work, but it needs at least 5kW to be decently powerful, and the daily run time on the ETM should not exceed more than 4 hours. A good portion of the 67kWh battery will be needed for driving, a/c, and room for future battery degradation. And you have to use the customer's house's electricity for the inline heater (a dual cord 3.5kW or a tri-cord 5kW+, depends on the cold intake water temp, even if we are somehow able to extract the exhaust heat from the vacuum blowers and pressure pump). Hopefully ford will also replace the battery for free few years down the line cuz that'll wear out the battery much earlier too.
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