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Dec 25, 2009



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Jun 22, 2008
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Its definately simple and easy to work on concept machine, thats 1 thing we liked about simple machines - the simplicity of them. We did order most of the parts and accessories online, but we did have to buy some fittings, hoses, ect. locally and had no problem finding them - just at a little higher cost . Brass fittings dont cost a lot if you are replaceing 1 or 2 , but there is easily 200 dollars of brass if you were to purchase it all locally .

We hired a master welder to do all fabrications and he also assisted in setting up the components . I painted ( at least 6 coats of paint on frame ) the frame and blower and all acceessories , as well as all the assembly , hoses , and fittings , plumbing , etc. I am currently setting up stations where we can do an asembly line type process and cut the assembly time down and last but not least my rug cleaning plant is serving as the testing / quality control center before these machines get released out to the public.

Basically , we wanted to build a tm that would be simple and easy to use and repair , but also look sleek and every bit as well thought out as any tm on the market. It wont leave my shop until it is 100 percent .