FB The CX 15 on rugs is a cleaning beast. That is all

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Robert Allen

The CX 15 on rugs is a cleaning beast. That is all.

Joseph Pais

A 175, a Bonnet, and some LST is a cleaning beast on Rugs

Andrew Johnston

That rug pattern gives me vertigo and reminds me of the days I'd use a regular wand without a glide on everything. Hurts my back just thinking about it. The right tools for the job jmakes everything so much better.

Efrain Magana Sanchez

I need one

David Nixon

We use our CX 15 on all synthetic rugs

Perryvoo Voo

I always use rug bath method .. soo slow and time consuming I think you doing the best

Joshua Vesey

I’m having a problem with my CX 15. I keep getting circles in the commercial carpet I clean. I’m using the commercial jet bar and I’m running 700PSI. I’ve tried a lower psi and It doesn’t seem to make a difference. I’ve tried pulling as I squeeze the trigger, squeezing the trigger then pulling and everything in between. Any ideas what might be causing this?

Christopher King

It can clean I’m just not fond of its Style..

Christopher King

Cgd only if I had another one..

Timothy D. Moore

I hear it over saturates carpet. How has it worked for you?

Jeremy Marquardt

Has a red and blue stain still

Jacob Masterson Simpson

I see some red blue and green you couldn't get out

Don Magnussen

The tool cleans great on commercial carpet when you learn how to use it, it is not as fast as a Zipper because the zipper cleans both ways. But the CX-15 is half the price so you get what you pay for.

Rodney Ray Rapp

No Take the cover off of 360 I or 360 XL with stock head better Result

Brandon Evans

Have y'all ever tried the Zipper wand?

Tony Sarno

I have a CX 15 for sale 700.00 plus shipping great for commercial jobs Like new!
Oct 30, 2016
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robert johnson
CX works for me..beats a scrub wand any day..amazed how fast we can clean with it..does take a little getting use too..also i use a 870 ..plenty of vacuum.