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Randy Dockins
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Nov 12, 2008
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I saw this yesterday so I thought I'd share it and maybe help a few guys avoid a potential landmine which you certainly don't need right now. I've been doing this stuff since 1987 and cleaning carpets since about 1980. I've seen all sorts of weird stuff that customers have done or used on their carpets, sometimes with disastrous results. The woman who used Joy dishwashing liquid and bleach in a Rug Doctor to clean a nylon living room still takes the all time award though! :)

I did this carpet yesterday for a particularly problematic customer who I've decided I don't want to serve again. I won't go into the details, but we just didn't click from almost the time I walked in the door if you catch my drift! Here is what I found in his huge master bedroom which doubles as a home office and living room. It was also in his hallway. I could tell there was a problem and informed him of it before I started. I also took pictures mainly for my own protection BEFORE I cleaned anything and after the job was done. I've only seen maybe a few things in over 30 years take the color out of nylon as well as some polyesters and no doubt wool. I ask him what he had used and he showed me the product. It's good to know this stuff and make sure the customer owns up to this BEFORE you do any work. I ALWAYS look for potential problems or anything that any customer might have a complaint about BEFORE I do the job such as problem stains, severe wear, etc., etc. Here's what I saw yesterday and the product that caused it. Yes, I'm fully aware this can be dyed, but good luck with that with this guy.

Before cleaning 2.jpg
Before cleaning.jpg
Stain remover.jpg
After cleaning.jpg