Tennant Nobles EX-SC-716 Self-Contained Carpet Extractor


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Sep 26, 2012
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We have a bunch of these in stock. Great for maintenance cleaning in schools, movie theaters and other large areas.
$1399 plus freight.

Tennant’s EX-SC-716 Deep Cleaning Carpet Extractor cleans small areas and fits under furniture for a more complete clean:
  • Clean under desks and counters with low profile body design, perfect for small areas
  • Ensure a customized cleaning experience every time with adjustable brush pressure
  • Rely on the durable polyethylene body construction to withstand the demands of everyday extraction and years of consistent cleaning performance
Key machine features of the EX-SC-716 Deep Cleaning Carpet Extractor:
  • Lightweight, easy-to-move machine design to increase productivity
  • Multiple spray jets evenly disperse solution on carpet and easily twist off for rinsing
  • Optional tools are available to fulfill your personal cleaning needs, include a hand tool, upholstery tool, floor tools, vacuum hose, and solutions hose extension
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