FB Tell me 1 or 2 things you have learned over your lifetime that "really" stand out to you. Mine is


Robert Allen

Tell me 1 or 2 things you have learned over your lifetime that "really" stand out to you. Mine is this; "Those that point fingers or run others down, are invariably the WORST offenders". (Lesson, don't talk bad about others or karma might pay you a visit. Plus if your so busy worrying about others/competition you won't have time to better yourself or your business. So if your in a rut or having streak bad luck then you may want check your words or your associations. You are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with. Better get it right!) "What one does speaks so loud I can't hear what they say". (Talk is cheap, implementing is whole another animal. For every action there is a reaction. Stop procrastinating. Implement systems, read business books, prioritize goals and improve personally/business wise every single day. massive action results in massive success. Massive inaction, massive failure. What else can you do? Shut up and get it done, now!) I wish that someone told me these 35 years ago and to "run" from these two types. Now lets hear yours, maybe it can help others!

Rodney Ray Rapp

I worry about me and the customer always taking care of my customer a 100% if you don’t worry about your customer you’re going to have to worry about your competition then happy customer lifetime customer no competition

Ry Ry Daniel

Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future, a mind stretched never goes back to its original size. If you praise you get a raise, if you complain you remain. Be your best the customer will test. Don’t just survive, thrive! Focus on the results you want start from the finished product and work backwards

Roger Loghry Loghry

My rule is treat others ad you would want to be treated do little extras for people treat every customer as they are your only customer be good to people every day don't have to worry about my competition because I redo their carpets almost daily take time and do the job right the first time when your customer is talking to you stop and listen then they know that you really care

Josh Cathey

If you cannot make sense of a situation... find and follow the money , your answer will reveal itself, 9/11 for example. 100’s of skyscrapers have caught fire over the years and not one fell. But 3 fall on the same day ?? Cmon man !!
When selling a job and the potential client says something like "wow that's alot of money. " always always reply with "Yes it is." Explain first and you lose. Allow them to ask follow up questions and you sell the job every time.