Technician Commision Add On Sales programs

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May 29, 2015
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We were wondering if anyone is having good results with technician commision add on sales programs? We implemented some recently and can't seem to get results from our technicians. If you have any advise or results please share your experiences.

Todd the Cleaner

Todd Cottino
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Sep 4, 2011
Pahrump, Nevada, United States
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Todd Cottino
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United States
It’s a never ending battle.

Right now my employee is just my helper but once I start sending him on his own I’ll be paying him hourly plus commission on any add ons they sell. We’ll see how good it works.

At my old job my boss would sometimes have a contest, which ever tech had the most add ons would get a $100 cash bonus. Contests lasted one month. One month they would have the contest be who could sell the most scotchgard, another month who could add on the most upholstery, some month were a free for all just to see who could have the most total add ons. This actually worked pretty good.