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Robert Allen

Ok here is how I handled it;

I said “I will go ahead and do the urine treatment (stage 1) at no charge but there will be no warranty if an odor persists”. (I mean she has 2 little dogs that pee non stop so no warranty for sure)

Then she threw in a twist. She says “I want 50.00 off the cleaning too”. I said “now I feel like that would be taking advantage of me. Your husband agreed on price of cleaning and pet treatment. I am willing to drop that but not drop the price of cleaning”.

She just stood there looking at me and me at her. I wasn’t going to budge on that and stood my ground. She then turns and walks away. I kindly remind her to be careful walking down the hardwood stairs. (I was not secretly wishing she would slip lol)

So I finish upstairs and as I got downstairs the tech shows up who I was helping out. I showed him what was done and how things went down. I conversed with the husband and let him know I agreed to what his wife asked for. He seemed relieved. Now I added my little twist.

They were doing the whole house except for living room and dining room. I had noticed they were medium soiled and shone my UV light on them and saw urine stains. Not as many but still several even though it was gated off.

So I went ahead and cleaned the living room and dining room at no charge. I asked the husband if he wouldn’t mind leaving us a good review it would be appreciated. He agreed again.

Now I haven’t gotten a good review yet but I probably won’t get a bad review either. I also took notes and will personally address these folks if they call back. They won’t find our level of service for the price. And if they won’t pay then they won’t ever get my service again.