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Tax on shipping?


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Oct 15, 2011
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Matt Hawkins
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Does anyone know of that's for real (legal)? I hate making big purchases and finding out they charged me tax on the shipping cost. Anything to squeeze a buck out of you...

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Jul 21, 2010
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Nevin Guiser
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Yes, in Washington state it's legal. It's legal in Pennsylvania too.

Pennsylvania also has a Use Tax. So even if you ordered something from another state and did not pay sales tax on it, you are still required to pay the normal tax rate of 6% to PA. Washington State has a Use Tax as well.

Edit - This is on the Dept of Revenue Washington State's website:
Q: Is freight subject to retail sales tax or use tax?
A: Yes. Freight, shipping and handling, or other delivery costs are considered part of the selling price and value upon which sales and use tax is calculated. Such charges are also subject to use tax if the seller was not required to collect sales tax.
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