SX-15 parts/swivel NX105


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Oct 28, 2022
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Ronald Stonis
I damaged my sx-15 swivel (part NX105) I am told I cannot get inner parts, but must purchase the whole swivel. The cost, I found out was 276.00 at Jon Don. I am wondering if anyone knows where I can get the part as a "used" item or if someone on this board has a used one on an unused SX-15 that they could sell me? I actually blew the entire housing apart by hitting a metal stop for a door which was on the tile. I hit it while cleaning and it destroyed the round blue housing which I replaced; however, when using the machine the spinner didn't turn and that is when I found the swivel inner parts were damaged. So, I am wondering for some advice on how to find a used machine, or a machine not being used, but has the swivel on it in working condition--that someone might want to sell me?