Super Low-hour Sapphire Scientific TMT 870 for sale


Jan 7, 2019
Halsey, Oregon
Real Name
David Del Valle
Hello everyone, it has been a while since I have been on here. Just wanted to let you know I still have my low hour TMT 870 Sapphire Scientific for sale. It has been professionally maintained at Jon Don in Portland, Oregon, have all the records.

I purchased it new as a package at the beginning of 2015 currently is on a 16’ trailer. If someone wants to get in the business or expand, it is turn key ready to roll. I also have all the sweet equipment that came on the package: Two carpet wands, two Sapphire Scientific upholstery tools, Hoss 700 carpet restoration tool, turbo spinners for tile and hard surface cleaning. 4 jet wand for linoleum floor cleaning.

I am located in Halsey, Oregon. I am open minded to discuss serious offers selling it as a package (trailer and all equipment) or engine and equipment without the trailer. The buyer is responsible to uninstall and pick up in Halsey, Oregon 97348. I have a shop and forklift access to make it happen.

I may also be negotiable to deliver (for a price) if you want the whole package specially if you live in Oregon, Washington or California.

I ran my business partime for 3 years, and I was not disappointed or my customers for that matter with my equipment performance, I did a ton of carpet and tile mainly high end residential and commercial.

This equipment needs to be put to work, and with the low hours, it has a lot of life in it.

I have had calls from many nay sayers, talking about Sapphire Scientific and prochem making a new Truckmount and discontinuing the Truckmount with the Ford 4 cylinder engine, like mine. All this hype makes people nervous, but let me remind you, there are too many machines like mine in use and their owners love them, they were considered the Cadillac just a couple of years ago. These are good engines and meant to work hard. So for at least the next 10 years there will be a lot of parts and people who know value will keep the running instead of paying close to $40k for the new Everest engine.

For the right buyer, I am willing to put your mind at ease by making taking it to or a third party of your choice and asking them do another service and clean bill of health as a precondition to final sale. Or you are welcome to do a precheck on your own.

Give me a call, my name is David Del Valle and I can be reached at 541-974-3310 or e-mail me at [email protected]


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