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Feb 13, 2011
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I submit that, at the 30,000 ft. Level, what “We the people” are actually having to wrap our heads around, IS a reality that our Government doesn’t work at ALL the way many have long believed it did.

The POTUS is often described as “The most POWERFUL man in the world”.

He isn’t.

Many books and articles have been written about “the IMPERIAL Presidency", bemoaning an alleged imbalance, in which the office of the Presidency has taken on additional powers, such as undeclared wars which no longer require a declaration of war, by Congress.

Yeah, that's all B.S.:poop::poop::poop:

Congress has actually usurped the powers, and hamstrung the office of the President and have been for decades. We are only SEEING it now, because the office holder, DJ Trump, is not the designated placeholder.
The Congress created and expanded the administrative state, the “deep state”. Unelected bureaucrats that are controlled by monied men that have managed to usurp the very foundations of our system of government.
Advice and CONSENT makes it clear, that in the end, the Senate is supposed to give the POTUS the cabinet members and appointees he wants. They don’t.

In addition, as we have seen, the Presidency is a lot more than just one man. He relies on his,staff; they seed his staff and advisors with what we think of as “Bushies” during Reagan, and Rinos in DJT’s administration.

People whose agenda is to steer the man that is the current officeholder the way THEY want him to go.

Thru the SSCI, they control the budget of the I.C. Thru the gang of 8 in congress, and by determining who will be FBI Director, CIA director, DNI, and NSA Director, they control intelligence.

They can steer us into a war, without taking responsibility for it. Moreover, they control, through the budgetary process, how billions each day and over time trillions of dollars are spent of our tax dollars.

The President is term limited. THEY are not. They come from “safe” districts, where their reelection ad nauseum is a given.

Besides, what State or District would not reelect a Senator or Congressman that was in a leadership position, and able to send lots of pork their way?

Our Government is controlled by a small group of people in Congress.
Speaker and Majority and minority leaders is 4, and then with heads of Judiciary and SSCI, a few other committee heads, they form the Politiebureau that runs the country.

This is not, and has not been for a long time, a government of “We the People”,
nor a Government OF the people.

They have ‘gamed ’the election system, NOT by “ballot fraud”, that's mainly the laser pointer, used to distract the masses from the main rigging if elections. Gerrymandering, and manipulating the PRIMARY process is actually far more impactful on achieving a predetermined outcome.

An outcome which nueters the Presidency, while not appearing to. An outcome that insures that whichever ‘party’ wins or loses any one race, that the Uniparty wins, overall.

A system which uses elections to delude the people into thinking they have some, or indeed ANY say in the course of our country, when of course they don’t.

A small group, some technically elected, but again; look how long McConnell, Schumer and Pelosi have been in office.

And, a change of personnel isn’t vital, Reid retires, Shumer moves up.

So, my thesis is the Coup didn’t occur in 2017,…or 2016,….or even 2015. It occurred a long time ago, DJT just exposed it.

Just some food for thought on a fall like Sunday morning in August.
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Nov 12, 2016
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Yeah but thing is, its still a better system than any we know of in recorded history.

Life is a game. Life is also a bit and then you die.

Funny thing is, all this posturing and power grabbing...for what end? Why is life on this planet like this? No I'm not trying to stir a religious debate. It's just interesting that THIS is how it is on Earth with humans...

I can only imagine if we were a peaceful species and spent our time and resources on truly worthwhile things how far and fast we would go.

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