Suggestions for cleaning colored sisel rugs


Oct 16, 2011
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I normally "just say no" to sisel but i thought id throw it out there. We have been asked to clean a colored (and yes it bleeds) sisel area rug , it looked like a piece of berber at first but upon testing its hemp. Anybody?

Scott W

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Feb 14, 2006
West Jordan, UT
Typically these rugs crock rather than bleed. You can tell crocking by rubbing the rug with a white towel. If the color transfers while dry it is crocking rather than bleeding.

Crocking is excess dye that was never actually bonded with the fiber. This will come off wet or dry. Ideally, treat it with Dye-Loc before any wet cleaning. Wash on a sloped floor if possible. Keep the water running. This carries the excess dye off before it can settle on other areas.

The final color will be the same as at the start since only excess dye was removed. An illustration is washing a red (or other brightly colored) sweat shirt for the first time. Don't do it in the same wash load as your white undies or you get pink undies. But, the sweat shirt will still be red at the end of the wash because only excess dye was washed away.

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