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Stubborn stain in white carpet

May 7, 2014
São Paulo Brasil
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Peter Edelstein
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I came across this new customer with white carpet and some stains. Nylon Shaw carpet with life time warranty on stains, installed in 2016. House with no pets, no kids, spotless. Customer claim the cleaner before remove the stains but they came back. Some look like a food accident. The second image looks Rectangular with a white circle that got me curious.
Any help?
thanks a million



Randy Dockins
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Nov 12, 2008
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Randy Dockins
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United States
That doesn't look really like a stain. I suspect something was spilled on the carpet and soaked down into the backing and the pad. If it goes away when cleaned and wicks back up as it dries that is certainly the case. At any rate it doesn't look permanent. Occasionally you get something that's particularly prone to wicking. A peroxide based spotter like Stain 1 or Proxi spray and walk away would likely solve it. If you don't have either a general spotter or even your regular prespray, applied heavily to each spot and place a towel or rag over it and press it by hand or foot will absorb it up so it won't come back. You can also use your vacuum hose cuff and extract it several times. The peroxide spotters will not always work. It helps to know what it is. Oily substances are particularly stubborn and may need flushing with a water claw.