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Apr 16, 2017
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Chase Dumphord
How's it going im in the planing stage of starting carpet cleaning business. Was thinking about going the rotovac route until I found the place. I'm looking to do mainly residential carpet and tile and work my way into the commercial side as well. I would like to start out with a tm unit but I don't have the cash for that at the moment. I'm need long more options about what equipment I should use. I have been looking at the rotovac brand for over a year now and was going with ranger and the 360 set. Tell what you think


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Jul 28, 2013
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Kenechi Enezuagu
Get the 360i alone and used without the ranger/enduro/CFX whatever. Rotovac doesn't make the best portables yet. Many on this forums favor Mytee Extractors. You can find mytee stuff used on eBay to start off
Apr 16, 2017
Real Name
Chase Dumphord
I have around 2 years experience just running and old portable back in high school don't recall the brand. If I go with any Rotovac equipment I'm going to do their package deal where I can get a little bit of everything all at one. Also if anyone want to give be a break down of what Portys I should go with in looking to do carpets and tile from day one as well what cleaning tool do you think is best

Scott W

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Feb 14, 2006
West Jordan, UT
Most tile & grout and stone cleaning is done with 1000 to 1200 PSI although it can be done with lower pressure. If you expect to do much tile, I suggest getting a 1200 PSI portable.

I like the Rotovac tools for use on carpet but I am not a big fan of their tile cleaning head. I think you would do better with a spinner type tool and, if the budget permits, Gekko type tools for the edges, corners, tight places, counter tops, walls, etc. Also one of Aloha Dave's grout cleaning brushes.

Aztec Financial, Interlink Finacial and other elasing companies can help you put equipment on a monthly payment plan. That may be a better idea than spending all your capital up front and struggling to have money for marketing and on-going expenses. Market will be a big part of where your time and money goes.

Here are some links to equipment to consider.

A top of the line 1200 PSI portable -

Tile & grout cleaning brush -

Spinner tool for tile & grout -

Acessory tool -

Tile & grout chems, I like the Viper Venom powder version -

Ed Valentine

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Oct 8, 2008
Michigan, USA
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Ed Valentine
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United States

Welcome to a great Industry. And, you can even make it greater if you make the right decisions along the way. At the very beginning of starting a business, money is always tight and, valuable. Therefore, having experienced all of this myself, I highly suggest that one takes the " blinders" off. What I mean is this: Do your resear ch and look beyond your nose. IMHO, and experience, when looking for used equipment, ask yourself: "Is it used; or, is it Used up?" Making the wrong decision here could cost you bundles. Also, if there is a lot of the same models of equipment used, for sale on E-bay, etc....then this might indicate that they are really not up to the level you and your new company would demand. After all, wonder why a pile of them are now back on the market?
Surround yourself with great people whom have a long history of being successful because success breeds success!. Those with a terrific amount of experience perhaps much greater than the normal arm-chair advisors.

Anyways, hope this helps in your research!

Ed Valentine
cross-american corp.