Stainless Steel Grease Eating Degreaser


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Sep 6, 2021
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H Ragsdale

I own a restaurant where we bake our own bread. We store the dough balls on dough trays that reside on dough carts (see attached). As we deal in raw dough, we deal in grease (mainly vegetable oil), and this causes black grease marks to appear all over the dough carts as the trays are inserted and removed from the carts.

I have a Dupray Hill Injector steam cleaner but no pressure washer. In a perfect world, I'd roll the carts outside, use a foam cannon (via a pressure washer) to coat the carts from top to bottom with a hardcore degreaser (perhaps even an oven cleaner) followed by a quick rinse with the pressure washer. My thought is that if I use chemicals similar to those used to clean grease from grease exhaust duct, I can let the chemical do most of the work. Sure, my Dupray steam cleaner would work, but it would take quite some time to finish even one cart.

If the answer is hot water, my preference is a cold water steam cleaner with an external water heater, mainly because the hot water steam cleaners are huge and expensive and because I can use the external heater with my Nautilus extractor machine.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, especially if it involves a chemical that will eat these grease marks. Thanks!